Portland Oregon based JonnyMac Design offers expert interactive solutions in website design and development, Flash design and development, Flex development, javascript, AIR, Apollo, graphic design, e-commerce, and shopping cart technologies.

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Based in Portland, Oregon, jonnymac interactive design provides website design and development, and graphic design solutions to clients across the United States, Canada and beyond. We serve companies of any size and supplement creative design services for corporations, advertising agencies, and large organizations.

We practice in Portland, Oregon in the fields of web design, web development, ASP, PHP, actionscript, PHP, java, javascript. With a certified Flash Developer, Certified Flash MX 2004 Developer, and an ActionScript 2.0 and ActionScript 3.0 programmer, we tend to work mostly with Flash, Flex, Apollo, and AIR development. While we normally work as freelance flash developers, our core proficiencies include: banner ads, tradeshow graphics, presentation graphics, style guides, illustration, corporate graphic design, diagrams, interactive flash, multimedia, flash animation, product demos, SEO (search engine optimization), web hosting, and ecommerce.

Jon MacDonald's jonnymac blog contains more information about the projects we have completed, or keep reading for more information.

My experiences include working for a start-up advertising agency, a world-class e-learning and sales training firm, and acting as Art Director for an interactive collective known as JonnyMac Design.

I earned my chops by jumping into the fire as the sole web designer/developer for a start-up agency in Cleveland, Ohio. During my years there I helped build brands for clients such as Nationwide Insurance, GE Financial, and ka Architecture. Upon arriving in Portland, Oregon I worked with Via Training and played a leadership role in their Flash projects for a variety of blue chip clients such as HP, Microsoft, Intel, Comcast and more. I continue to work with household brands, advertising agencies, and great designers and developers throughout the country with the interactive collective I started, as well as XPLANE, a company which clarifies complex business issues through visual and interactive communications to improve understanding and business performance.

On a more personal note, I have a passion for usability and user interfaces, and the marriage of design and development has always piqued my interest. While most of my time these days is not spent designing, I still hold a strong appreciation for the need of good design be it interactive, print, or the lamp on my desk. I'm also an avid basketball player and was a 4-year starter at power forward in college.

Below is my resume. More information can be found at http://www.jonnymac.com and http://www.jonnymac.com/blog.

This complete resume can also be viewed on LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/in/jonnymac.



Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH, BA, May 2003 Major: Visual Arts Concentration in Digital Medium, liberal arts degree including the study of fine arts, creative arts and architecture. Specific topics included history, theory, practice and creation of art, with a concentration in the digital medium and new media, such as digital video and web/interactive. Minor: Computer Science, including general programming, theory, principles, design, implementation, Human Computer Interaction, and usability. Private Readings: Documentary Production, New Media Design, Advanced Web Design/Development, Flash Development, Advanced Java Programming for the Internet


Interactive Development Manager, XPLANE, Portland, OR (11/2006 - present) Lead Flash and web developer. Duties include defining process, scoping, estimating, design and development of interactive projects and applications. Project technologies include Flash, Flex, PHP, HTML, and others. XPLANE clarifies complex business issues through visual and interactive communications to improve understanding and business performance. Clients: AGFA, Autodesk, Apple, Business 2.0, BP, HP, Infospace, Intel, Intercontinental Hotels Group, Kronos, Microsoft, Nike, Nokia, Thomson, Vodafone

Art Director, JonnyMac Design, Portland, OR & Cleveland, OH (5/1999 - present) Conduct business operations while directing designers and programmers on large-scale projects Clients: Clear Channel, ka Architecture, New Pantheon Music Awards, Oberlin College, Red Bull
Oberlin College Projects include:
Oberlin Alumni Magazine 2005

Oberlin OAM Fall 2005

Oberlin Alumni Magazine Spring 2006

Oberlin College Womens Lacrosse || Coaches

Oberlin College Womens Lacrosse || Coaches

Oberlin College Men's Tennis

Oberlin College Woman's Tennis

oberlin college woman's volleyball

Interactive Developer and Designer, Via Training, Portland, OR (1/2005 - 11/2006) Flash/interactive design and development, budgeting/proposals, lead developer on multiple accounts Clients: Avon, Canon, Comcast, Harley-Davidson, HP, Intel, Microsoft, Nike, Rogers Wireless, Symantec


Certified: Macromedia Adobe Flash Developer

New Media: Flash/Dreamweaver/Studio CS3, Final Cut Pro, digital video equipment and production, usability (HCI) studies and implementation

Programming: HTML, JavaScript, ActionScript 2, Actionscript 3, ASP, PHP, SQL, Object-Oriented development - Experience with .NET, Java, C/C++, UML, Scheme (Lisp)

Graphic Design: Quark, InDesign, PageMaker, Photoshop, Illustrator, graphic layout, prepping graphics and photos for use in various media types, prepress, on-press proofing

Mediums: Traditional and digital, web/interactive, digital video, print, silkscreen, photography

Athletic: Oberlin College Varsity Basketball player, four-year starter and letter-winner