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Hosted Exchange E-Mail

About six months ago I picked up a Treo 700w, and I love it. For years I carried around a 15lb laptop everywhere I went, but now I pick up my phone and I've got email, contacts, Internet Explorer, Flash 7 player, and just about everything I need to keep in touch while on the road.

Having full Outlook e-mail and contacts on your phone is more liberating that you think. But, in order to actually get real-time push email you have to have access to a Microsoft Exchange Server and use it for your email. This might not be a problem for larger businesses, but for a small business this can be costly and excessive.

I started searching around and found that my (then) web hosting provider 1&1 Hosting offered hosted Exchange for less than $7 a month. I signed up and was happy for a couple of months, but a few weeks ago I switched over to a service called 4Smartphone and haven't looked back. So, I thought I would share since I searched for days looking for the right service provider.

While the service is great, I'm just generally impressed with how well everything syncs between Outlook, my Treo, and Outlook Web Access (the included webmail client). Microsoft seems to have gotten this right. And while the 700w is a bit bulky, it is nowhere near the size of a Blackberry, but still has all of the functionality. Now whenever I'm heading out of town for a few days, I rarely take my laptop unless I've got actual development to do.

FlashForward Austin / Day 3 / Sessions

“Flex 2 in Real Time Applications” – Phil Heinz, intelisea
“Interactive Animation: Sight, Sound, Motion” – Craig Swann, Crash! Media
“AS3 in Action” – Beau Ambur, Metaliq
“Finches to Flash: Darwin in Design” – Jeremy Thorp, bluprint design

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FlashForward Austin / Day 2 / Sessions

"Hillman on Video" - Hillman Curtis
"Learn to Love Actionscript - Flash for Designers" Trevor Dodd
"Migrating to AS3 from AS2" - Caleb Haye
"Flex Builder 2 for Flash Programmers" - Phil Heinz
"Mashup Baby!" - Mario Klingemann

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FlashForward Austin / Day 1 / Sessions

"Understanding Apollo" - Daniel Dura
"Analog In, Digital Out" - Brendan Dawes
"The Evolution of Flash Animation: Bed Rock Revisited" - Sandro Corsaro
"The Ultimate Guide to Flash Runtime Compositing" - Rich Shupe

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FlashForward Austin / Day 1 / Adobe Keynote

The day started off with the Adobe keynote from Kevin Lynch, et al. He gave a great rundown about where the Flex framework is currently - especially Flex Builder 2 and Apollo. Then he turned it over to Mike Downey and Justin Everett-Church who previewed, for the first time, upcoming features in the Flash 9 IDE.

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FlashForward Austin / Day 1 / Misc

I have been looking forward to this week for some time, and I haven't been let down by the conference. It's been extremely inspiring to be around so many peers and to see what everyone else is working on.

While in the Expo Hall I spoke with lots of vendors including iStockPhoto (who liked me enough to pull a t-shirt out from under the table), VitalStream, and WowzaTV.

I spoke at great lengths with Charlie from Wowza about their upcoming services, including BlogCheese (http://www.blogcheese.com) and SideFlicks (http://www.sideflicks.com). I've actually installed SideFlicks on my blog, to the right in the sidebar. As soon as I get this blog completely up and running, I'll write a review of the service.

The book signing with Brenden Dawes was great mainly because I got to get into more detail with him about his presentation. He is so inspiring, and such a nice guy. He'll chat it up with you all day -- you'd never know he runs a company, creates amazing experimental art, and just came out with an amazing book (which I bought and he was kind enough to sign).

On that note, I'll end this post with a quote Brenden shared:
"They who dream by day are congizant of many things which escape those who dream by night." - Edgar Allan Poe

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