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Have The Spammers Won?

Recently I have found myself changing how I write my e-mails so they don't get labeled as spam and caught in the recipient's spam filter. We've all become so annoyed with spam that we're willing to go overboard on the filtering, which leads to normal non-intrusive emails being labeled as spam.

Does this mean the spammers have won when I am changing how I write my e-mails? Maybe not, but it is sure annoying to have to remember not to put punctuation your subject lines, or to add some additional text even though you just wanted to mail simple one-line URL to someone.

The real question is who buys the items being sold via spam? I can't recall ever getting an unsolicited e-mail about a product and thinking, "Oh, I've needed that all this time!" Instead of charging a few cents "postage" per e-mail as some major corporations are currently talking about implementing, how about we, collectively as internet users, stop making it lucrative for spammers to sell on the internet by not buying their products?

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