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FlashTracer FireFox Plugin

FlashTracer-1With the new FlashTracer FireFox plugin compliments of Alessandro Crugnola (Sephiroth), you can see all of your (and everyone else's) trace statements from within FireFox. The plugin creates a sidebar that displays all of the output in real-time. This really aids in debugging and will undoubtedly help anyone who is working with remoting or any other server-side integration where running remotely is necessary.

You'll need to download and install the debug version of the Flash Player, which is free from Adobe.

While this isn't a new concept (you can set it up yourself manually following these instructions), this new FireFox plugin really takes all the work out of making it happen. And, it adds a ton of additional features such as searching the output with RegEx, viewing runtime warnings (for Flash 9), and limiting the size of the log file it is writing to.

I must say that last one is the biggest gain for me. I had setup the debug Flash Player and modified the config files to show traces to a text file, but I would have to clear the file just about every day since the filesize would eventually become to big.

Looking forward to putting this one to good use. Thanks Alessandro!

Download for free here:

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