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OS X “Spaces” and “Expose” for Windows XP

Want to replicate Apple's OS X Spaces and Expose in Windows XP? Well, Microsoft has a free tool released as part of their "Power Tools" that lets you have up to four separate workspaces/desktops and installs buttons in your toolbar to control them. It works as promised and will allow you to switch between all four workspaces with ease.

Here is what it adds to your toolbar for control:

Windows XP Toolbar with PowerTools

Similar functionality as Spaces and Expose, without all the style!

Download along with several other cool utilities for XP, here:


Gab said,

June 30, 2007 @ 2:27 am

if you open a window in a workspace and go to another space, that window is there as well. what’s the point?

I’ve deleted it

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