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Apple MacBook Pro Shipping Delayed

Looks like Apple is delaying almost all shipments of the 17" MacBook Pros. I received an email this afternoon stating that my order wouldn't be shipping until the 14th -- a whole week after the initial date given when I placed my order.

After receiving the email I quickly hopped online to see if others were having the same issues, and I quickly found all types of internet rumblings about people receiving the same email.

Looks like Apple is having some type of supply issue, and there are theories abound on the internet. Also makes me wonder how many people could have possibly gotten their order in before me -- I placed it no more than 20 minutes after the updated MacBooks appeared on the Apple Store site. Crazy.

One hint though -- if you call Apple's customer support, they'll give you free 2-day shipping for the delay. I guess it's better than nothing...

Update: With Apple releasing the MacBook updates this morning, things are starting to come together. Looks like they split their allotment of chips among the two notebook lines (MacBook/MacBook Pro) and the demand was better than expected for the MacBook Pro's. At least Apple is being "egalitarian" and spreading out the good stuff to both consumers and power users.

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