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Assembly Instructions = Great Experience Design

Not too long ago I received some monitor stands and upon opening the boxes I was surprised at what I found on the back of the assembly instructions:

Rolodex Assembly Instructions

Rolodex, you made my day. You created an "experience" for me, and it left a very positive impression about your brand. In addition, you found a way to bring some fun to the mundane task of screwing monitor stands together.

After going around the office and sharing my discovery with everyone (who, I should say, were all equally impressed), I quickly took on the task of folding my paper crane.

I only got half way done, however, because once I folded to a certain point I couldn't read the instructions anymore. Luckily others in my office knew what they were doing and were able to finish my crane for me :)

riaz said,

November 13, 2006 @ 11:51 am

it’s great to get that unexpected extra!

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