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Where is the Universal Binary Debug Player?

A few days ago I noticed a post by Emmy Huang of Adobe's Flash Player Team fame stating the release of Flash Player 9.0.28. While it's great to see the player being updated regularly, I was still wondering where all of the debug players have been lately.

For instance, there is still no debug player for Intel Macs. And, there is no way to install the PPC debug player -- the installer won't let you. This leaves a huge void for developers on the Intel Mac platform.

Well, Emmy was great enough to respond to my comment on her blog, and provided some reasoning and insight as to where the debug players are:

Where is the Universal Binary debug or standalone player?
We haven't released the UB debug or standalone players yet. Since it is a new component and there aren't tools that currently ship with these players it is on a slightly different release schedule. I'll post when they do become available, and most likely they will also be made available on the support downloads page for developers.

Where are the debug players for the release?
Historically, the debug and standalone players only shipped with the tool. But, with our dot and security releases we don't always have a full tool update -- instead we have been providing player "updaters" through the Flash Player support downloads page. There are updated debug players to address the security vulnerability.

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