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77 Design Gifts for Under $77

Got a designer you need to get a gift for? Core77 has published a great microsite of 77 Design Gifts Under $77.

Some of the more interesting items listed include:

Guido Oooms Memory Sticks
I think I'll get one of these and send it to Brendan Dawes. I immediately thought about the chapter in his book where he speaks to all of the material objects in our lives becoming digital. To help him cope with this, he took an old Atari cartridge, cut out the inside and installed a USB flash drive. Now his flash drive looks like a classic Atari game. Sweet.

Clogo Tissue Holder
Really, why can't the bathroom have its share of good design?

Make: Magazine Subscription
Geek's paradise. Check out the Make Controller for even more geeky fun.

Just for Kicks: A Documentary
I own it, and give it two thumbs up. Being in Portland (home of Nike, Adidas USA and others), I think this movie is a must-own. Not to mention I love documentaries.

Designer Emulation Kit
AWESOME. Anyone who knows me knows I have a thing for cool, modern, designer lighting. Mmmm... LUX.

Moleskin Notebooks
"Creative types can never get enough of these...". Yeah, I'm a bit behind on this one. But, it has been on my to-do list for... months.

Films of Charles and Ray Eames
No, they didn't only build amazing furniture (which you can pretty much only find at Design Within Reach). They also made cool experimental films. Hooray design inspiration.

Miniature Designer Chairs
This one also gets an AWESOME rating. I've always eyed the Vitras ones ($125-575/each), but these are actually affordable.

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