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Apple Retail Stores, Genius Bar and In-Store Repairs

I recently upgraded to a new 17" MacBook Pro, and I can't imagine being any happier with my decision. I'm loving OS X, being able to run both Windows and OS X on the same machine, and how speedy the machine is - even in Flash and Photoshop (hint - get the 3GB of RAM option).

But, less than two weeks after I got the MacBook the spacebar started squeaking every time it was pressed. While the keyboard still worked just fine, it got extremely annoying and slightly painful to listen to while coding away. Sounded like a bird chirping or a cricket sitting under my desk. After a few days of putting up with it and searching Google to see if others have had the same issue, I decided to take the computer into the Apple Store and see what they could do. My experience couldn't have been better, and now I'm rocking a silent keyboard.

Hurray for Apple support. Just another reason why spending a little more on the MacBook Pro vs a PC laptop has been worth the extra cost.

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