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XPLANE Culture Map

XPLANE | Culture Map

We try to eat our own dog food at XPLANE as often as possible, and thus a visual map of our culture was created for internal use. Not only does the map describe all the core values of the company in a clear and concise manner, but by making it visual it is also remembered with ease.

More information is available on Dave Gray's blog (Dave is the CEO and founder of XPLANE):

and a marked up and larger version with Dave's notes is available here:

Fuse IDE and FuseXML

Came across two very cool extensions to help with the use of Fuse, an Actionscript animation tool by the wonderfully talented Moses Gunesch:

Fuse IDE, "a Flash panel for creating full animation sequences from regular sentences or via the sequencer" and FuseXML, "a stable, full-featured XML parser for Fuse that let's you create highly dynamic tweens from XML."

Download and get more information here:


Top 5 Resources for Learning Flex2

Ted Patrick has a nice post listing the top 5 resources for learning Flex2. Worth the read to those new to Flex.


Review: Taschen Web Design Books

Taschen Web Design Books

For the past few months I have had several of Taschen's Web Design series books sitting next to my desk. I often spend a few minutes flipping through one of them when I need to take a break from coding, and I always get inspired.

These small-format books offer what they promise: screen grabs of (usually) well designed and well thought out sites. And at less than $10 a piece, it's pretty easy to build up a collection.

What I enjoy the most is that there is very little discussion on the sites. Every book starts with one or two case studies, but after that you get just a screenshot, tools used, budget (hours and/or money) and people involved. It allows me to form my own opinions on the site, and the ones I am interested in I'll go check out online.

Pick one up if you get a chance. If you are in Portland, Oregon, Powell's in the Pearl District has the whole collection on the floor with the art and design books.

They Rule

They Rule screenshot

I came across this great Flash application this afternoon:


They Rule is listed on the Visual Complexity site, and is a wonderful example of a visual thinking tool. It takes a large database of information, in this case the board of directors for Fortune 500 companies, and shows their relationships in an highly visual and easily understood format.

For instance, did you know McDonald's and Nike share a member of their board of directors?

Flex 2.0.1 To Be Released Next Week

Ted Patrick, Adobe's Flex Evangelist, is counting down the days until Flex 2.0.1 is released. It might seem like a minor upgrade based on the version number, but in reality there are some huge updates here. Features such as Apollo readiness, over 360 bug fixes, and module support are all included. More details on Ted's Blog and Ryan Stewart's blog on ZDnet.

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