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Hosted Exchange Down… Again

I had previously posted about my love for 4smartphone, the hosted Exchange service I use for my email. Recently I've had several extended outages (6-12 hrs), and this time around I think I may have decided it has become unacceptable. My email hasn't been up and running since around 10pm PST last night -- no Outlook Web Access, no Treo 700w syncing, and no Outlook syncing.

So I decided to hop over to their website to send a support request, and this is what I was met with, "Solutions to common support issues":

4smartphone is down

Normally a page like this wouldn't bother me, but the page title tells you how often this happens -- even they say this is a "common support issue". Too funny. Not to mention that the attitude they are taking is "Don't tell us, we already know." I even tried searching around Google and came up with a lot of others have the same issues.

I think I'll pass this one along to the guys at 37signals for their blog, Signal vs Noise and its frequent "Screens around town" posts.

So, does anyone know of any good hosted Exchange services? The major points for me are 1 GB storage and stability.

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