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CS3 Application Icons and Packaging Design

Back in December I posted about the new Adobe product icons and the "controversy" regarding their design. At the time there were a lot of people blogging about how they didn't like the new icons, and I said I would reserve judgment until CS3 came out. Since the CS3 suite was released today (and a friend actually remembered to ask my opinion), I thought I would post regarding the new icons and packaging design.

After working with a few of the icons for the past few months, I'm actually quite fond of them. I thought it would make finding particular applications harder, but it is actually much eaiser. The CS2 icons have no significance -- a feather doesn't really equate to Photoshop, for instance -- but the elemental look of the CS3 icons allows users to quickly scan their dock and find the first letter or main color of the application they are searching for and launch it quickly. Kudos to MetaDesign whom suggested the elemental idea (see the comments on the blog post I referenced above), and to (apparently) the Adobe internal design team for implementing the idea well.

Adobe CS3 Packaging

In terms of packaging, I think Adobe hit another home run. While the designs have no significance to the products within, other than the colors, I'm quite okay with that. Hopefully the box does at least have a product listing on it, because apparently Microsoft started a trend of offering several packages/versions with Vista, and Adobe picked up on it with their six different versions. Anyways, it is refreshing to see great thought being put into software product packaging, especially in a day when most people download the software instead of buying a box.

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