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Flex Builder Square Icon

I was disappointed when I installed Flex Builder and noticed that it had an old Macromedia-style round application icon. It just doesn't look right in my dock. So I was happy to see today that Josh Buhler took some time to create a square CS3-esque icon for Flex Builder. While he states that you'll need a third-party application to use it, I had success by locating the app file in my Applications folder and then changing the icon just like you would for any other OSX item.

You can download the icon from Josh's blog.

Josiah said,

October 9, 2007 @ 8:12 am

I thought I was too much a nerd typing in “Square Flex Icon” into google, but I find kindred spirit in you my friend. lol

I hated that stupid icon in my dock next to the rest of the adobe suite apps I have.

Thanks for the link.

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