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Wondering Where the Adobe CS3 Trials Are?

...me too. I was surprised to see that Adobe hadn't posted the trial versions of the newly-released CS3 applications yesterday -- the day they announced shipping. With previous versions (CS, CS2, Studio 8, etc) the CD that came in the box was basically the 30-day trial version, and the serial/activation number lifted the 30-day restriction.

Yesterday John Nack posted about CS3 shipping and made a mention to the trials being available "shortly", so I posted a comment asking John for clarification about when they might be posted and he was kind enough to respond:

- - -

Heya John, could you please define "shortly" in terms of the release of the CS3 trial downloads? After looking on Adobe's site, all I could find was a blurb saying: "We expect trial versions of each of the Adobe Creative Suite 3 editions and component products to be available within six to eights weeks of the product’s shipping." I'm hoping I'm missing something, as I'd love to start using trial editions while I wait for my boxed copy to arrive.

[I'm with you, Jon. I'm beating a drum about this right now. At worst it'll take another three weeks, but I'm trying to make it happen sooner. --J.]

- - -

I'm a bit surprised that Adobe wouldn't just go ahead and post the downloads if they are indeed available. Can anyone answer if there are some legal or other reasons for waiting 6-8 (or even 3) weeks to post? I imagine this will have an even larger effect once the beta of Photoshop CS3 deactivates itself.

[Update - John Dowdell has posted a bit about this as well on his blog.]

[Update #2 - They are now available for download!]

Josh said,

April 17, 2007 @ 3:36 pm

I installed the retail version of Flash CS3 yesterday. It included a trial option. More than likely, Adobe has delayed the trials for a short time because it will provide more bandwidth for everyone who plans to purchase and download CS3 immediately.

[That is actually a good possibility that I didn’t think of, but 6-8 weeks still seems like a long time, no? -J]

senocular said,

April 17, 2007 @ 4:02 pm


“We expect trial versions of each of the Adobe Creative Suite 3 editions and component products to be available within six to eights weeks of the product’s shipping.”

[I saw this, but why the 6-8 week wait? -J]


“Why are trials of Adobe Creative Suite editions available only on DVD and not via download?

For the first time, Adobe is offering trial versions of full Adobe Creative Suite 3 editions. Due to potentially long download times, we are offering the Creative Suite 3 trials only on DVD sets.”

[This FAQ is helpful, thanks. Adobe is referring to the whole CS3 suite in your quote, not the individual apps. The individual apps will still be available for download, eventually. Also, note how there is no place to order the DVD set, as they haven’t made it available. -J]

jonnymac blog » Adobe CS3 Trials Available for Download said,

May 8, 2007 @ 1:25 pm

[…] had previously posted about the CS3 trials not being available, and according to Google Analytics, it is one of the most popular posts. So I thought I would let […]

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