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Five Common SWFAddress Mistakes

Rostislav Hristov has a great blog post on five of the most common mistakes users of SWFAddress make, which I have posted about before and use in almost every site/application I build. I believe the post will be helpful because while SWFAddress is an amazing contribution to the open source Flash and Flex community, it isn't all that well documented. The samples provided lay out the code in an easy to learn manner and cover most uses, but there isn't a listing of the methods, how to gain the additional SEO functionality, etc. Rostislav, however, is extremely willing to offer help via the SWFAddress forums or email list. In fact, as soon as I reported a bug in using Google Analytics with SWFAddress he worked with me to solve the problem and patched it up.

The issue is that one of the biggest complaints clients have with Flash is that deep linking isn't supported out of the box. This hurts SEO and usability, and thus getting the word out about a project like SWFAddress and making it as usable as possible for beginners is crucial. Complete documentation with the download package could go a long way in making this a reality.

Rostislav makes a quick mention of version 1.2 in the post, so here's hoping that the new version also includes some additional documentation. Rostislav -- if resources are an issue, I'd be glad to contribute my time to helping with documentation!

Rostislav said,

May 19, 2007 @ 3:21 am

Thanks, Jon!

I’m planning to integrate JSDoc/ASDoc in the build process and once this is ready I will contact you for co-operation. I’m also preparing a list of external resources (articles, tutorials, etc.) that will be available on asual.com for the 1.2 release. Currently there are lots of improvements and additions in the SVN, but in this release I also want to add a CS3/AS3 sample and an API documentation.

jonnymac blog » Helping out with SWFAddress said,

August 26, 2007 @ 2:32 pm

[…] month ago I got an email from Rostislav Hristov, the main developer for SWFAddress, taking me up on my offer to help him with the project. I have blogged about SWFAddress a few times and was a very early […]

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