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Useful Apollo Application: SearchCoders/Dashboard

After reading Tom Bray's blog posts about the new Apollo application he has been working on called SearchCoders/Dashboard, I decided to download and give it a try. Within about two minutes of using it I came to the conclusion that this is the most useful Apollo application built to date -- and a few days later I'm still find myself using it regularly to keep up on the FlexCoders email list and relevant RSS feeds.

As is the case with any new technology, Apollo users initially created useless projects as they learned the platform and tested all the new abilities it provided. This led to lists such as Mashable's "The 10 Coolest Apollo Apps", which included apps such as DryerFox and FlexTube, with most of the applications not providing any real productivity gain. Sure, they may be fun, but they didn't solve any real world problems or prove that Apollo is a technology that could be sold to a client. SearchCoders/Dashboard is the first I have found to cross over into the useful and commercially viable realm that is needed to ensure its success.

SearchCoders/Dashboard can be downloaded here.

Tom Bray said,

May 24, 2007 @ 10:44 am

Hey Jon,

Thanks for the great write-up! Glad you’re finding our app useful.


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