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Flex 3 Beta Link Round-Up

Flex 3The Flex 3 beta has been released on Adobe Labs and here is a one stop run-down of tonight's information on the new betas of Flex Builder 3, Flash Player 9 update and the AIR (Apollo) runtime:

+ Adobe Labs: Flex 3
+ Adobe Developer Center: Introducing Flex 3 (Matt Chotin)
+ Adobe Labs: Flex 3 Feature Introduction
+ Official Flex Team Blog Post
+ Adobe Labs: Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR)
+ Adobe Labs: Flash Player 9 Update

video.onflex.org has five new videos posted showing the new features of Flex Builder 3 including Design View, Refactoring, Importing Skins, and Multiple SDK Support, as well as a video from Mike Chambers about the AIR (Apollo) Summer Bus Tour.

Mark Anders has a pretty good post providing a quick overview of the new releases if you just want a bare-bones quick hit of information.

Emmy Huang has a great post with more information on the Flash Player 9 update.

Of course a link round-up on Flex wouldn't be complete without Ted Patrick's post on the subject!

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