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on AIR Bus Tour – Portland Style

on AIR BrandingFirst off, a huge thanks to the team at Adobe for throwing such an awesome event last night. They didn't miss a beat while making sure everyone enjoyed themselves and learned as much as possible during the one evening AIR camp.

Great free beer, check. Great free food, check. Great swag, check. Great sessions, check. Great people, check.

The sessions were well done, especially for those who have not been following Apollo/AIR very closely. As a developer, I particularly enjoyed the sessions with live coding where the power of AIR was shown in very few lines of code (usually 20 or so).

Some of the juiciest news coming from the evening, however, was release dates. Mike Downey noted during his keynote that at MAX in Chicago, Adobe would be announcing and releasing the AIR Derby winners, the AIR Extension for Flash (Publish to AIR), Livecycle (Flex Data Services), and the Coldfusion 8 release build. So lots to look forward to in the coming months.

As a Flash developer, I had not played around with the Dreamweaver CS3 AIR Extension, so it was also great to see that in use through demonstrations of building an AIR app with only HTML and JavaScript. Oh, and being able to access the Flash API classes through JavaScript is killer.

I _highly_ suggest you check out the tour when it comes to a city near you this summer. It will benefit not only Flash and Flex developers, but also HTML and JavaScript web developers. With the effort Adobe is putting into AIR through promoting and training, it is sure to be something you'll want to keep an eye on.

Photos can be found here on Flickr -- I'm even in a few of them (few rows back, light blue solid color dress shirt)!

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