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Adobe Acquires Buzzword

According to Ryan Stewart of Adobe, it was announced this evening that Adobe has acquired Virtual Ubiquity, and thus their product Buzzword. For those who may not know, Buzzword is a complete word processor and document sharing application written completely in Flex. Virtual Ubiquity has an informative blog post about the acquisition as well.

Congrats to Dave Coletta and team! It is great to see Flex RIAs taking off and to know that all the resources available to Adobe will be put behind this amazing product.

Caglar kaya said,

December 29, 2007 @ 10:06 am

Congratulations folks.

When I first saw Buzzword at IgniteBoston, I couldn’t believe it.

I hope this means that more of us will be able to use it SOON!! Best of luck, I think both Adobe and Buzzword are fortunate.

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