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Flash CS3 Alternative Component Set: Liquid Components


Didier Brun of ByteArray.org fame has released a free set of Flash CS3/AS3 UI components, offered as an alternative to those provided by Adobe.

I was never a big fan of the AS2 components provided with Flash MX2004 and 8, and when in a bind I would often find myself using Keith Peter's Bit Component set as a replacement. Over time I found myself using them almost exclusively. Now if the same scenario plays out with the AS3/CS3 components, there appears to be a great replacement.

Check out the blog post to see all the features of the component set.

Code Depot Now Live

I have just posted a small collection of AS2 and PHP classes I have written/modified while working on various projects over the years. I intend to continue to add code as I have the time, so the list should be ever-changing.

For the initial push I posted: SmoothImageLoader (AS2), RegExp (AS2), Tooltip (AS2), BadFilter (AS2), ConstantContact (PHP), and SubmitVerisignPayment (PHP). For more details on these classes, please visit:



FITC Hollywood / Day 2 / Sessions

"It's a Mad, Mad, Mashup World" - David Lowe-Rogstad, Shaun Tinney (Substance)
"Reducing Complexity: The Making of Saffron" - Samuel Agesilas
"Branding Experiences: An Architecture of Play" - Tali Krakowsky
"Adaptable Interfaces" - John Ruppel
"Deploying Video - FLVPlayback Component" - Robert Reinhardt
"GMUNKICKDOWN07" - GMUNK (Bradley Grosh)

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Flash 10 / CS4 / “Diesel” Sneak Peek

Today at FITC Hollywood Richard Galvan, Adobe Flash Product Manager, gave a sneak peek at an upcoming feature in Flash 10 / CS4 / "Diesel". I am really surprised that I haven't read about this new feature anywhere else, so I thought I would post for those who couldn't make it to the conference.

That said, I was by no means expecting anything big to come from Adobe at FITC, mainly because they just held MAX where they previewed dozens of new applications and technologies. But, we were blessed with one new sneak:

The next version of the Flash IDE, Flash 10 "Diesel", will feature a brand new timeline animation model. What's the difference? There will no longer be a need for keyframes. Yes, it sounds drastic, but based on the demo, this is going to make timeline animations _much_ easier to work with and make Flash much easier for beginners.

In short you will be able to select an object on the stage, right-click and choose "Add Motion/Shape Tween", and the timeline layer with the object will turn red to signify that it now contains a tween. Then you move the object (if you want to animate its motion) to create the end state. Want to extend the length of the tween? Just drag the timeline layer out over additional frames. Basically, this model completely fixes broken tweens -- you can no longer have a tween that is "broken" because it is missing a keyframe because tweens are no longer tied to keyframes.

An additional cool feature with this is that when you move the object to the end state, a dotted line shows up along the path of the tween, showing you exactly where the object is going to move to. Want to change the path? Just move the object and the line automatically updates. Not good enough? Adjust the line just like any other curved line in Flash/Illustrator making it more rounded, or increase the length by adjusting the end point to your liking. You can also choose the Transform tool and use it to squish/expand or otherwise transform your tween path.

Maybe I missed something and this had been announced at MAX as well, but if not, I am really surprised that I haven't seen this up on MXNA yet!

FITC Hollywood / Day 1 / Sessions

"AS2 to AS3 Migration" - Stacey Mulcahy
"Let's Talk About SWX, Baby!" - Aral Balkan
"The Nooks and Crannies of AS 3.0" - Branden Hall
"Adobe Keynote" - Richard Galvan, Adobe
"Papervision 3D Component" - John Grden
"Creativity Conducted - Wii Remote Interactive Video Wall" - Blitz Agency

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Have you attended a 360|Flex conference?

If so, please read this post and fill out the simple 3 question survey:


Tom and John, who run 360|Flex, are looking for some feedback on where they should be spending your attendance fees ($360), and this survey will help them answer their questions.

Having attended 360|Flex Seattle and posted my feelings on Tom and John's massive efforts, you may know that I feel strongly that this is one of the best values in conferences. A top-notch event for the mere price of $360. So, in keeping with their community-driven goals, please fill out the survey and let them know how you'd like your attendance fees spent at future conferences. If the survey is too limiting, leave a comment on their blogs, which are linked above.

Lastly, as part of the community, you can also see the live results to the survey here.

[Update: Peter Elst has posted his feelings on the subject. If nothing else, at least 360|Flex appears to be getting a good conversation started.]

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