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SWFFix renamed SWFObject, 2.0 beta 1 Released

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SWFObject has long been the standard in embedding Flash content in web pages and detecting if the viewer has the correct version of Flash installed. A back in February the creator of SWFObject (Geoff Stearns) and the creator of a competing solution, UFO (Bobby van der Sluis), joined forces to create SWFFix, a new and improved best-of solution.

Today Geoff and Bobby announced that SWFFix is being renamed to SWFObject and will take over future development of that project together. In addition, the newly minted SWFObject has been released as 2.0 beta 1. The release doesn't seem to include any major feature enhancements, but rather a clean-up of the code in preparation for future development.

It is great to see signs of life back in this awesome open source project and that Geoff and Bobby are serious about continuing development!

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