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Attending FITC Hollywood Oct 22-23

FITC Hollywood

Just a quick post that I'll be attending FITC Hollywood on October 22 - 23. I have never gone to an FITC conference (even though they have always received rave reviews), so I'm excited to be participating in the Hollywood edition this year.

Some sessions I'm planning on attending, in no particular order:

+ Adobe AIR for Interactive Designers, Lee Brimelow
+ AS2 to AS3 Migration, Stacey Mulcahy
+ After Effects CS3 for Flash Designers, Tom Green
+ AS3 Events: The Whole Story, Jacob Bullock
+ Deploying Video - FLVPlayback Component, Robert Reinhardt (local Portland'er)
+ It’s a Mad Mad Mashup World, David Lowe-Rogstad (local Portland'er), Shaun Tinney
+ Let's Talk About SWX, Baby!, Aral Balkan
+ Making Flex Look Less Like Flex, Billy Shin
+ Papervision3D CS3 Component, John \m/ Grden
+ The Nooks and Crannies of AS 3.0, Branden Hall
+ Video Magic from EVB, Nick Mitrousis, Jeffrey Titus
+ Reducing Complexity: The Making of Saffron, Samuel Agesilas (I had missed this one at 360|Flex)

So many good sessions for only a two day conference -- it is going to be hard to choose. If you plan on attending as well, be sure to say hello!

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