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Have you attended a 360|Flex conference?

If so, please read this post and fill out the simple 3 question survey:


Tom and John, who run 360|Flex, are looking for some feedback on where they should be spending your attendance fees ($360), and this survey will help them answer their questions.

Having attended 360|Flex Seattle and posted my feelings on Tom and John's massive efforts, you may know that I feel strongly that this is one of the best values in conferences. A top-notch event for the mere price of $360. So, in keeping with their community-driven goals, please fill out the survey and let them know how you'd like your attendance fees spent at future conferences. If the survey is too limiting, leave a comment on their blogs, which are linked above.

Lastly, as part of the community, you can also see the live results to the survey here.

[Update: Peter Elst has posted his feelings on the subject. If nothing else, at least 360|Flex appears to be getting a good conversation started.]

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