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Flash on the Beach 07 / Day 3 / Sessions and Wrap-up

"Building Red5 Applications" - Chris Allen
"Stylizing Flex Apps" - Joey Lott
"KlangFabrik" - Andre Michelle
"Touching the Future" - Richard Leggett
"Mario, Aral, and Brendan" - Mario Klingemann, Aral Balkan, and Brendan Dawes
"Algorithms to Fill Space" - Jared Tarbell

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Flash on the Beach 07 / Day 2 / Sessions

"Flex and AS3 Worst Practices" - Ted Patrick, Adobe
"Perceptive Interactions and Alternative Interfaces" - Craig Swann
"Let's Talk About SWX, Baby!" - Aral Balkan
"Next Generation Sites with Papervision 3D" - Carlos Ulloa
"Flashing Flex" - Tink (Stephen Downs)
"Breaking Away" - Robert Hodgin
"Inspire Session" - Erik Natzke

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SWFAddress 2.0 Released

SWFAddress Logo

The long awaited update to SWFAddress has been released and is ready for download. Rostislav has been posting update notes listing new features, such as the new SEO abilities, all week leading up to the release.

New features include:

  • Support for multiple Flash movies in the same HTML page and Ajax.
  • Event listeners for ActionScript and JavaScript.
  • New SWFAddressEvent class with support for INIT and CHANGE types.
  • New unobtrusive SEO technique.
  • Support for Adobe Flash CS3.
  • Support for Flash Player 7 with the Flash/JavaScript Integration Kit.
  • Support for SWFObject 2.0, UFO and Adobe's Active Content embedding.
  • New strict mode that adds trailing slashes by default.
  • New helper methods for link, window and popup management.
  • Ability to configure the script with query parameters.
  • The swfaddress.html is optional and not used by default.
  • Lots of new and improved Flash based samples.
  • Various optimizations and fixes.
  • API docs for ActionScript 3 and JavaScript.

Rostislav has been hard at work on this project for quite some time, and the improvements include those which were the most requested by developers. I'm also happy to have been a part of this release by helping with the documentation and an AS3/Flash CS3 sample.

I should also note that rumor has it there may be some t-shirts available to those who donate to the project and help fund future development!

Flash on the Beach 07 / Day 1 / Sessions and Adobe Keynote

"Adobe Keynote" - Richard Galvan, et al., Adobe
"50 Reasons AS3 Kicks Ass" - Grant Skinner
"Intro to AIR" - Mike Chambers
"Make Flash Games, Retire Early" - Keith Peters
"Dynamic Abstractions" - Joshua Davis
"If it ain't broke -- break it!" - Brendan Dawes

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SWFAddress v2.0 To Be Released Nov 16

Rostislav has announced on his blog that SWFAddress v2.0 will be released on November 16th. This update includes lots of additional features and is compatible with Safari 3. Rostislav has put a lot of effort into this release, and you'll want to make sure you check it out.

In Madrid with XPLANE then Brighton for Flash on the Beach

Title pretty much says it all, but I'm in Madrid, Spain working with the XPLANE Madrid office for a few days before heading over to Brighton, UK for Flash on the Beach. I then come back to Madrid for a couple of additional days of work (...and Spanish wine and tapas) before heading back home to Portland.

If you plan on attending Flash on the Beach, shoot me an email (info [at] jonnymac [dot] com) and we'll meet up for a drink.


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