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Attending PaperVision3D Training in Vegas this Weekend

The Rich Media Institute is having official PaperVision3D training in Las Vegas this weekend (March 29/30) led by John Grden. Sometimes I feel as if I am the only Flash developer left without much PaperVision3D experience, so you can see why I'm so excited to be attending.

It looks like they still have some seats left, so if you have been thinking about going, come check it out. John has even posted a discount code for 10% off on the PaperVision3D blog and also wrote about what the course will be covering and how all Flash types (designer and developer) will benefit from the class.

15 hours of training in two days is going to be intense (and awesome), but hopefully the short taxi ride to the Vegas strip will provide a nice break in the evenings. If you also plan on attending, be sure to say hello!

The real deal with Flash on the iPhone, from Adobe

Mike Downey, a Platform Evangelist at Adobe, just posted the entire, correct story of Flash on the iPhone. As mentioned in his post, a lot of people have been blogging about how Flash is coming to the iPhone. However, the reports of Adobe CEO's comments about Flash support on the iPhone yesterday were not necessarily complete and accurate, so Mike has taken upon himself to clear the air.

Worth the read, if nothing else, to help guide you through the hype to what the real story is...

Update: Bill Perry, also from Adobe, has also posted an even a more detailed account of the facts on his Flash Devices blog.

SWFAddress and YouTube: Deep Linking Into Video

Rostislav has done it again! The creator of SWFAddress just released a simple way of deep linking into video content via YouTube's new JavaScript API and SWFAddress.

Why is this so awesome? Well, with this added functionality you can now create 'chapters' in your content, without having to split up the video file. And with YouTube basically becoming a free streaming media provider with the release of their chromeless video player, the possibilities are endless.

Check out an example of the deep link, which starts the video 21 seconds in.

Rostislav goes into more detail on his blog post about the SWFAddress and YouTube API project, and you can download the sample now from the SWFAddress SVN.

Logobama – The Barack Obama Logo Creator

LogobamaCreated by the guys (or Pirates, as they prefer to be called) over at Substance, Logobama lets you upload a photo to create a custom Barack Obama logo in sizes to fit user icons for Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, Digg, LinkedIn, Flickr, and others.

This is a great example of how to use various services, such as Flickr, to fit your simple mashup needs -- just like David and Shaun spoke about at FITC Hollywood a few months ago. Great idea, fellas!

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