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Adobe’s Open Screen Project and Why You Should Care

Life just got a lot more interesting for those who make a living working with Flash:


As a part of the announcement, Adobe is publishing exactly how the SWF format works without restrictions, and removing all other barriers to getting Flash on the widest range of devices. Set top/cable boxes, all mobile phones, televisions, your appliances... anything technical, really. Even those devices without a screen and/or user interface. Bill Perry does a great job of going into more detail on the implications for devices on his blog.

Ryan Stewart has a great post explaining all the implications of this announcement, for devices and desktop computers alike. He goes into more detail on the several parts of the announcement, so it is worth the read.

As someone who makes their living from the Flash ecosystem, you should care greatly about this announcement. It may not seem like it to a non-developer, but this is huge for anyone who knows how to use Flash. The thought of having Flash everywhere is finally a reality for those who want to include it in their products as a user interface layer, or even to allow developers to control the product using ActionScript. And this means that your capabilities to design, develop, and then deploy your Flash experiences just became more marketable and useful.

Lastly, as a member of the Flash community, you should also be excited about the implications this has on open source projects such as SWX, AMFPHP, and the like. The more open the specifications surrounding the various parts of the Flash ecosystem, the easier it is for members of the community to create tools and open source projects which contribute to the growth and prominence of said ecosystem... and make all of our lives as participants in that ecosystem that much more interesting and fun.

Writing SWX Chapter for The Essential Guide to Open Source Flash Development

About a month ago Aral Balkan mentioned he wasn't finding the time to write a chapter on SWX for an upcoming Friends of Ed book, so I offered to step in to write the chapter for The Essential Guide to Open Source Flash Development on SWX for Flash and Flash Lite.

It is an honor to be a part of this book with such open source Flash community members as Chris Allen, John Grden, Wade Arnold, Carlos Ulloa, Moses Gunesch and others. You can read bios of all the authors on the book's bio page.

I am wrapping up the last round of review this weekend, and the book should be published and available in July. You can pre-order the book on Amazon.com today for about $31.

PaperVision3D Training in Vegas ROCKED!

As I had mentioned earlier, I attended the PaperVision3D training in Vegas a few weekends back and it was well worth giving up a whole weekend and making the trip to Vegas.

John Grden did an great job with the class and was really fluid in covering whatever we as a class asked him to. It turned out that we covered a lot more than I thought we would. 16 hours of training over two days is really intense, but if you have a chance to attend the upcoming Vancouver or Toronto classes, I highly suggest you do. I'll bet you can even find a 10% discount code on the PaperVision3D blog post announcing the two additional class dates.

Lastly, just like at conferences, the best times had were outside the classroom. With that in mind, I'll leave you with a group photo of Martin Lassen, myself, Jim Isaacs, John Olson, and John Grden drinking Octoberfest style (by the liter) at this awesome German-themed restaurant near the resort where the training was held.

papervision3d training vegas group photo

Next time you see John Grden, ask him about the bonus that comes with a shot of Jagermeister for a good laugh.

Flash Player 9.0.124 Released with Security Updates

We knew this was coming for some time now and today Adobe finally released the 9.0.124 Flash Player which includes security updates that have an effect on any sites you may have built using AMFPHP, SWX, or any other Flash remoting services.

At issue is the crossdomain.xml file -- you'll need to add or update the file to ensure your services continue to function properly. Wade Arnold, a contributor to AMFPHP (which is also included with and used in SWX) has a great write-up on how to fix AMFPHP/SWX including a sample you can download and edit for your domain on his blog.

More details about the player, and the newly revamped Flash Player Download Center, can be found on Justin Everett-Church's blog posting about Flash Player 9.0.124. Adobe Developer Center has a helpful write-up about the exact changes made. Lastly, John Dowdell has an informative post with lots of helpful links.

Adobe has done a great job with communicating to the community that this change would be coming, and has provided a lot of resources to ensure sites were not affected. Today's information push is just another example of the great communication. Kudos, Flash Player team!

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