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FlashForward SF 2008 Pricing Announced and Still Overly Expensive

Some readers may remember my previous post on the costs of conferences, specifically Flash on the Beach and 360|Flex compared to FlashForward. In short, FlashForward was more expensive... by a landslide... even when factoring in the cost of an international flight and 2:1 exchange rates.

However, when Lynda.com sold FlashForward to Beau Ambur and Metaliq a few months back, I was hoping things might be changing. Surely they wouldn't keep the cost of attendance so high, would they? I even had the thought that if the price got down to the $400 to $500 range, I would consider attending once again. So when I received an email today announcing FlashForward 2008 San Francisco festival nominations were open and providing a link to the pricing information, I was excited to see if changes had indeed been made.

Sadly, I was disappointed. Yes, the prices seem to have went down slightly. But the early bird price is still $899, and the cost goes all the way up to $1099 for at-the-door registration. I guess this year Flash on the Beach (for which I have already bought my 2008 pass) only wins by $464 instead of $664. That's progress, right?

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