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Flash on the Beach 2008 Schedule Posted

The work-in-progress Flash on the Beach 2008 schedule was posted this afternoon, and since I bought my ticket the day registration opened, you can imagine how I immediately went to the site to check out exactly who was speaking and when.

As expected, it looks like this year's conference is going to rock as much as last year's. An amazing line-up of speakers, a great new hotel right next to the venue, and even the 'inspire' sessions have made their way back this year.

However, I have to take issue with one particular time slot in the schedule:

Why would you have three of the most active Flash community members present during the same time slot? All three of these are speakers who could easily fill the room, and I'm disappointed that I'll have to choose to only see one.

Maybe this is indicitive of how popular the conference has become that two of the best known developers (Grant and Peter), and a designer/developer (Dr. Whoohoo) who has contributed largely to one of Adobe's most innovative new releases, Switchboard, could only be fit into the schedule at the same time. If so, that's great for the conference... but it is still such a Catch-22 for attendees to have great speakers and no way to see them all.

Update: I just got an email from John Davey, who runs FOTB, and he has updated the schedule so these three do not sit on the same timeslot! Thanks, John -- it is reasons like your willingness to take suggestions from the community which makes the conference such a great success.

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