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Adobe Confirms They Are Working on Flash for the iPhone

Today at the Adobe Town Hall session here at Flash on the Beach, a participant asked the Adobe panel if there were plans for Flash on the iPhone and Paul Betlem confirmed that Adobe is indeed working on it. This has been the talk of the conference so far - and the one new 'sneak peak' that has been revealed this week.

However, Paul was quick to mention that this comes with one cavat - since Apple decides what runs on their platform, they could ultimately veto the platform add-on and kill the project. It should be noted that if Apple agrees, Adobe will apparently have the player ready "very shortly".

The big question that now remains: what version of the Flash Player will it be? FlashLite? Flash Player 8/9/10? I would think with all the games they have running on the iPhone that they could get Flash Player 10 running pretty well. Or, version 9 at the very least.

You can read more details from other bloggers who are also attending the conference, such as Flash Magazine and read all of the "me too" posts from industry news sources on Techmeme.

Flash on the Beach Conference Going to Miami in April 2009

I promise to post a recap of all of day one's (Monday's) sessions tomorrow, but I believe this warrants its own quick post:

It was announced today that Flash on the Beach will hold a conference in Miami, Florida on April 5-8 2009! Ticket sales will start in November. There has already been a lot of buzz around the announcement since this morning, so it looks like things are off to a good start.

I, for one, will welcome Flash on the Beach coming state-side if nothing else for the better exchange rates. It was announced today that out of the 1050 attendees, only 12 were from the states. Don't think anyone is wondering why! But really, this is a very exciting announcement - and everyone back in the states should be excited that there is another awesome conference option coming soon.

Flash on the Beach 2008 Schedule

Has it already been a year since last year's Flash on the Beach conference? Yes, it has -- time to get my schedule in order!

If the conference is half as quality as last year, I'll be happy. Not to mention that this year I'll know a lot more people attending, so if you are one of them be sure to stop by and say hello.

Monday, September 29th
9:00am - Richard Galvan - Keynote/Flash New and in the Future
10:15am - Carlos Ulloa - The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Invent It
11:30am - Branden Hall - Brilliant Ideas that I've Blatantly Stolen
1:30pm - Mark Anders - A Preview of Flex 4 and "Thermo"
2:45pm - Tink (Stephen Downs) - Flex Effects: Transitions as Design Elements
3:45pm - Erik Natzke - Beyond the Knowledge: The Art of Play
8:00pm - James Paterson - Modulating a Lot

Tuesday, September 30th
9:00am - Aral Balkan - Grab the Low-Hanging Fruit (or 5 Rules for Hedonistic Creatives)
10:15am - Jeremy Thorp - Emergence
11:30am - Grant Skinner - Things Every ActionScript Developer Should Know
1:30pm - Peter Elst - AIR Beyond the Basics - Taming the Desktop
-or- GUMNK (Bradley Grosh) - GMUNKICKDOWN 08.9
2:45pm - Lee Brimelow - Platform Jiu-Jitsu
4:00pm - Nando Costa - Motion Graphics, One Frame at a Time
8:00pm - Robert Hodgin - The Best 8 to 12 Hours of My Life

Wednesday, October 1st
9:00am - Keith Peters - Advanced ActionScript Animation
-or- Ben Stucki - Advanced Flexing for Flash Developers
10:15am - Seb Lee-Delisle - Papervision3D Simplified
11:30am - Doug McCune - Steal this code: Decompiling SWFs for fun and profit
1:30pm - Koen de Weggheleire - Play With Pixels, bitmap manipulation with AS3
2:45pm - Mario Klingemann - Here Be Pixels
4:00pm - Jonathan Harris - The Art of Surveillance and Self-Exposure
5:00pm - Closing ceremonies and raffle

If you'd like to see all my write-ups on last year's FOTB conference, you can view them here:
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

Adobe CS4 Announcement Recap

As one might have guessed, the blogosphere and twitterverse have both been overwhelmed with CS4 info about today's official feature announcements (note: NOT release!). I semi live twittered the event while watching it, and you can check out all those tweets at twitter search.

Despite the let down of non-US pricing being 1.6 times the US cost once again, and also some comments on the CS4 logo, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. I'd have to agree, but I also think that not too much new information was provided today other than pricing. At least for Flash CS4, I had seen and/or heard about all but one of the features discussed today at various conferences over the past year or more. The one new feature to me: Procedural modeling with Deco and Spray Brush. Nice small surprise feature addition.

While the enhancements across all of the CS4 apps are worth noting, I mainly work in Flex and Flash, so the rest of this post will focus on Flash CS4. There are some great posts out there already this morning, so I'll link to those instead of regurgitating the same content:

Keith Peters - I like Flash CS4
Keith does a great job going over some features as it applies to developers, and describes how some minor changes (aka the not-hyped ones) have really solved some of his pain points while working in the IDE. Keith has also posted some screenshots of the new interface.

Jen deHaan - Flash CS4: The photo tour of features
Jen has re-started her blog, now focusing it on Flash CS4 and the new motion model for animation. This post has the most thorough collection of Flash CS4 screenshots. I would also say the most official seeing as how Jen works for Adobe. If you can't wait until the release to check everything out, this is the blog post to read.

Jen deHaan - The new way of tweening in Flash CS4 (or: New motion in Flash CS4 makes your animations better, faster, stronger)
Winner of the longest blog post title, this post does a very good job of describing everything that has changed in the new animation model. If you are a designer and/or animator and work with the timeline much, you should read this post. Good for developers too, as we all end up working with the timeline a bit at some point in a project.

With that, let the waiting until the -actual- release begin!

A Website Named Desire

Those who know me and/or read this blog know I'm a fairly large Flash platform fanboy. So it may come as a surprise I am blogging about a project recently completed here at XPLANE's Portland studio for Microsoft and their new suite of interactive production tools -- which includes Silverlight.

The project is called "A Website Named Desire" and we at XPLANE created a poster (note: not the related website built in Silverlight) of the entire process a typical agency would go through to create a large website. While the poster does not directly mention the Microsoft suite of tools, it does do an amazing job of showing the whole ecosystem in an engaging, visual storytelling manner. Fairly humorous, too -- be sure to spend some time checking out all the various little details.

If you'd like to check out the whole poster, you can download a PDF of it (6 MB) here, or visit Microsoft at one of the upcoming conferences where they will be presenting it. You can find a list of those conferences on the supporting website.

Transport, Motion Graphics and Janet Jackson

My good friends over at Transport just completed some awesome in-concert video work for Janet Jackson's upcoming tour:

I've worked with the team at Transport on several Flash/interactive projects over the years while they were employed at other agencies, so I was excited for them when I found out they decided to step out on their own and pursue their passion for motion graphics. Business is starting to take off for the young firm, with clients such as Nike, Nikon and VoodooPC. The Janet project also just got a write-up on Computerlove.

Check out some video clips and more details about the project on the Transport blog.

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