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Singularity Web Conference becomes < head > Conference

Aral has announced today that that Singularity Web Conference is now called <head> Conference. Why the name change? In Aral's words:

You see, we came <head> to <head> with a company called Singularity Limited when their lawyers sent us a letter stating that they had registered Singularity as a trademark for, among other things, conferences. Although it doesn't appear that Singularity Limited currently runs any conferences, we decided to keep our <head>s and proactively change the name of the conference to <head> off a potentially lengthy, complicated, and costly legal conversation.

You can read a press release on the conference site with all of the official details, but know that nothing is changing here except for the name of the conference. The speakers (including myself) and their sessions will all still be present.

It should be noted that Aral has decided to extend the 'early bird' discount through the end of September, so you can still purchase your ticket for only $99 until September 30th.

I'll be posting more details about my session, Working with SWX: The Native Data Format for the Flash Platform, in the very near future along with updates on the Portland, Oregon local conference hub.

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