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Adobe CS4 Announcement Recap

As one might have guessed, the blogosphere and twitterverse have both been overwhelmed with CS4 info about today's official feature announcements (note: NOT release!). I semi live twittered the event while watching it, and you can check out all those tweets at twitter search.

Despite the let down of non-US pricing being 1.6 times the US cost once again, and also some comments on the CS4 logo, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. I'd have to agree, but I also think that not too much new information was provided today other than pricing. At least for Flash CS4, I had seen and/or heard about all but one of the features discussed today at various conferences over the past year or more. The one new feature to me: Procedural modeling with Deco and Spray Brush. Nice small surprise feature addition.

While the enhancements across all of the CS4 apps are worth noting, I mainly work in Flex and Flash, so the rest of this post will focus on Flash CS4. There are some great posts out there already this morning, so I'll link to those instead of regurgitating the same content:

Keith Peters - I like Flash CS4
Keith does a great job going over some features as it applies to developers, and describes how some minor changes (aka the not-hyped ones) have really solved some of his pain points while working in the IDE. Keith has also posted some screenshots of the new interface.

Jen deHaan - Flash CS4: The photo tour of features
Jen has re-started her blog, now focusing it on Flash CS4 and the new motion model for animation. This post has the most thorough collection of Flash CS4 screenshots. I would also say the most official seeing as how Jen works for Adobe. If you can't wait until the release to check everything out, this is the blog post to read.

Jen deHaan - The new way of tweening in Flash CS4 (or: New motion in Flash CS4 makes your animations better, faster, stronger)
Winner of the longest blog post title, this post does a very good job of describing everything that has changed in the new animation model. If you are a designer and/or animator and work with the timeline much, you should read this post. Good for developers too, as we all end up working with the timeline a bit at some point in a project.

With that, let the waiting until the -actual- release begin!

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