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Flash on the Beach 2008 Schedule

Has it already been a year since last year's Flash on the Beach conference? Yes, it has -- time to get my schedule in order!

If the conference is half as quality as last year, I'll be happy. Not to mention that this year I'll know a lot more people attending, so if you are one of them be sure to stop by and say hello.

Monday, September 29th
9:00am - Richard Galvan - Keynote/Flash New and in the Future
10:15am - Carlos Ulloa - The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Invent It
11:30am - Branden Hall - Brilliant Ideas that I've Blatantly Stolen
1:30pm - Mark Anders - A Preview of Flex 4 and "Thermo"
2:45pm - Tink (Stephen Downs) - Flex Effects: Transitions as Design Elements
3:45pm - Erik Natzke - Beyond the Knowledge: The Art of Play
8:00pm - James Paterson - Modulating a Lot

Tuesday, September 30th
9:00am - Aral Balkan - Grab the Low-Hanging Fruit (or 5 Rules for Hedonistic Creatives)
10:15am - Jeremy Thorp - Emergence
11:30am - Grant Skinner - Things Every ActionScript Developer Should Know
1:30pm - Peter Elst - AIR Beyond the Basics - Taming the Desktop
-or- GUMNK (Bradley Grosh) - GMUNKICKDOWN 08.9
2:45pm - Lee Brimelow - Platform Jiu-Jitsu
4:00pm - Nando Costa - Motion Graphics, One Frame at a Time
8:00pm - Robert Hodgin - The Best 8 to 12 Hours of My Life

Wednesday, October 1st
9:00am - Keith Peters - Advanced ActionScript Animation
-or- Ben Stucki - Advanced Flexing for Flash Developers
10:15am - Seb Lee-Delisle - Papervision3D Simplified
11:30am - Doug McCune - Steal this code: Decompiling SWFs for fun and profit
1:30pm - Koen de Weggheleire - Play With Pixels, bitmap manipulation with AS3
2:45pm - Mario Klingemann - Here Be Pixels
4:00pm - Jonathan Harris - The Art of Surveillance and Self-Exposure
5:00pm - Closing ceremonies and raffle

If you'd like to see all my write-ups on last year's FOTB conference, you can view them here:
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