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< head > Conference – Slides from my SWX session

As promised in my session, here are the slides (PDF link) for my talk, Working with SWX: The Native Data Format for the Flash Platform. I have included a bunch of notes on what I spoke about on each slide in an attempt to aid those who couldn't make it to the session. In addition, here are some of the resources I posted in the chat during the session:

SWX on Google Code: http://swx-format.googlecode.com
SWX on twitter (follow for updates on AS3 release): http://twitter.com/swx
My twitter account: http://twitter.com/jonmacdonald

Overall the talk went very well, and seemed to have a great response. At one point there were over 60 people in the room - so an awesome turnout! Also, the announcement of SWX for ActionScript 3 received very positive responses.

As soon as the videos from the conference are released into public domain, I'll post another update with a link to the session recording.

Thanks again to Aral and <head> Conference for having me speak!

See me speak at the < head > Conference

This Saturday, October 25th at 2pm PST, I'll be speaking at the <head> Conference on Working with SWX: The Native Data Format for the Flash Platform. Here is my session description:

In this session we'll cover the basics of SWX: what it is and what it is best used for, how systemwide simplicity benefits developers, how to use the free public gateway for integrating APIs into your mobile and web applications, and plans for the upcoming ActionScript 3 release.

If you are unfamiliar, <head> is a global web conference -- all sessions are attended online using Adobe's Acrobat Connect. There are a few local hubs scattered around the world, so you can also sign up to attend those hubs if you'd like to network, meet speakers in person, etc. Aral, the conference organizer, has arranged for an amazing line-up of speakers over three days.

Hope to see you there!

Flash on the Beach 08 / Day 3 / Sessions and Wrap Up

Flash on the Beach 2008, Brighton, UK - Day Three
October 1, 2008

Ben Stucki - Advanced Flexing for Flash Developers
Seb Lee-Delisle - Papervision3D Simplified
Doug McCune - Steal this code: Decompiling SWFs for fun and profit
Koen de Weggheleire - Play With Pixels, bitmap manipulation with AS3
Adobe Team - Flash Ying and Yang (Information on the Flash CS4 GUI and Flash Player 10 Development)
Jonathan Harris - The Art of Surveillance and Self-Exposure

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Flash on the Beach 08 / Day 2 / Sessions

Flash on the Beach 2008, Brighton, UK - Day Two
September 30, 2008

Aral Balkan - Grab the Low-Hanging Fruit (or 5 Rules for Hedonistic Creatives)
Jeremy Thorp - Emergence
Grant Skinner - Things Every ActionScript Developer Should Know
Speaker Jam Session - Six Conference Speakers
Lee Brimelow - Platform Jiu-Jitsu
GMUNK (Bradley Grosh) - GMUNKICKDOWN 08.9
Robert Hodgin - The Best 8 to 12 Hours of My Life

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Flash on the Beach 08 / Day 1 / Sessions and Adobe Keynote

Flash on the Beach 2008, Brighton, UK - Day One
September 29, 2008

Richard Galvan - Keynote/Flash New and in the Future
Carlos Ulloa - The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Invent It
Branden Hall - Brilliant Ideas that I've Blatantly Stolen
Mark Anders - A Preview of Flex 4 and "Thermo"
Tink (Stephen Downs) - Flex Effects: Transitions as Design Elements
Erik Natzke - Beyond the Knowledge: The Art of Play
James Paterson - Modulating a Lot

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