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Code Snippets in Flash IDE with ASExpander

I noticed a post by Keith Peters this morning where he created a JSFL script for the Flash IDE that would allow similar functionality as tab shortcuts in TextMate. This means that you can type shortcuts like "&mousedown", then use a keyboard shortcut you assign to the script to have it replace the shortcut text with real code - in the case just mentioned the addEventListener for a MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN. If you are still unclear on how this works, check the short screen capture at this post (note: written in German).

Although Keith's post says he intended it to make AS3 easier for designers and beginners, I promptly installed the script and was happy to be on my way to typing much less when needing to code in the Flash IDE actions panel. I have a feeling other developers will agree that this is a huge time saver.

Keith has already posted an update to the script and made it available via download under the free MIT license, and I highly recommend checking it out.

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