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FDT Tip: Turning Off Error Notices for External Classes

I've been using FDT for quite some time now, and I keep having a recurring issue when using external, third-party, open source classes/libraries: if the code is not strictly data typed and/or contains some other small issue FDT's parser doesn't like, the folder containing the classes shows up with a red 'x' symbolizing there is an error.

This is annoying for several reasons, the biggest being that if your custom classes are in the same folder you cannot determine at a glance if your code is error free.

I had blogged about this exact issue when using BulkLoader a while back, and in that case I had resorted to altering the code so the errors would go away. However, I typically do not like to go in and alter code for open source projects which I know work perfectly well because updating them later becomes a crap-shoot at best -- you no longer have the option of just simply copying over the old classes with the new version.

However, I recently had someone comment on my post about BulkLoader issues in FDT with a much better solution.

First, setup a new folder in your FDT project for all your external classes/libraries. For instance, call it "external" or "classes" and put libraries such as BulkLoader in that folder.

Next, open the properties panel for your FDT project as shown in the following screenshot:

Once in the properties panel, select "FDT Build Path" from the left-hand menu and then select the newly created project source folder ("external" or "classes") and un-check the check box next to "Generate Problems/Tasks".

Hopefully this will help others out who also like to maintain an overly clean FDT project setup. :)

I am thinking about posting a series of small FDT tips including how to get it setup for use with Flash CS4, so if you'd like to see them please comment or send me an email at info -at- jonnymac -dot- com.

Lastly, to avoid any confusion I should note that Arthur Debert, the creator of BulkLoader, did make the necessary change to the project's code after my post on the subject so BulkLoader no longer throws errors in FDT. Made for a good example, though, since I had blogged about it at one point!

tollman said,

November 19, 2008 @ 9:35 am


I would love to see the tips for setting up FDT with CS4!

Matt Przybylski said,

December 13, 2008 @ 12:49 am

This is a great tip, but unfortunately it doesn’t work for my environment in FDT. I have a central folder on my hard drive dedicated to external libraries (like papervision, greensock, other com folders, etc) and use a linked library that just points to that folder to get all of them into the project i’m currently working on. when you try this trick, the box for generate problems/tasks is unfortunately grayed out and you cannot uncheck it, which would be great if you could to avoid problems like you describer here since I’m also pretty OCD about my env.

that being said, i’d love to see setting up FDT with CS4 (at least the core library and how you set yours up to work properly) because right now I have to resort to using the Flex SDK so I don’t generate errors in FDT when doing CS4 stuff. Not really a huge issue but i’d like to just be able to use the CS4 stuff.

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