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Pushing the Mash-up Limits

Indeed.com Graduate Salaries

Indeed.com has just released their salary search engine that allows you to do a "Google-like" search to estimate your salary worth. Overall the site is very easy to use and produces some fairly accurate results. I say "Google-like" because it gathers the data from over 50 million job postings over the last 12 months. This is a great usage of and extends the "mash-up" theme and concept.

They gather their results by searching through job postings on "thousands of unique sources" and compiling the data. This is very similar to what Mario Klingemann has done for several of his Flash mash-ups, where he uses RegEx to search through an HTML page's source code and pull out only the data he is going to use. This completely removes the need for an open API on your data source because now any website which produces a somewhat consistant HTML page can be used for your data set.

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Hosted Exchange E-Mail

About six months ago I picked up a Treo 700w, and I love it. For years I carried around a 15lb laptop everywhere I went, but now I pick up my phone and I've got email, contacts, Internet Explorer, Flash 7 player, and just about everything I need to keep in touch while on the road.

Having full Outlook e-mail and contacts on your phone is more liberating that you think. But, in order to actually get real-time push email you have to have access to a Microsoft Exchange Server and use it for your email. This might not be a problem for larger businesses, but for a small business this can be costly and excessive.

I started searching around and found that my (then) web hosting provider 1&1 Hosting offered hosted Exchange for less than $7 a month. I signed up and was happy for a couple of months, but a few weeks ago I switched over to a service called 4Smartphone and haven't looked back. So, I thought I would share since I searched for days looking for the right service provider.

While the service is great, I'm just generally impressed with how well everything syncs between Outlook, my Treo, and Outlook Web Access (the included webmail client). Microsoft seems to have gotten this right. And while the 700w is a bit bulky, it is nowhere near the size of a Blackberry, but still has all of the functionality. Now whenever I'm heading out of town for a few days, I rarely take my laptop unless I've got actual development to do.

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