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Speaking at Flash PDX UG Meeting on FDT

I'll be speaking this coming Thursday, October 15th with a couple of fellow Flashers here in Portland about FDT.

The general topics slated to be covered are:

  • Getting Started (Intro, project types, pros/cons, comparison to other editors)
  • Shortcuts ('QuickFix' code generation, refactoring, searching, etc.)
  • Integration with Eclipse (SVN, ANT, XML, and other helpful plug-ins)

I will speaking on the third item, Integration with Eclipse, presenting an introduction to simple ANT integration and workflows, along with some of the Eclipse plug-ins I use on a regular basis.

Here are all of the details from the flashpdx.org site:

David Knape, Jon MacDonald and Matt Gitchell will show how they use the FDT development environment in their daily work.

When: Thursday 10/15 11:30 - 1:00pm
Where: Second Story 714 N Fremont St #200

Pizza will be provided, seating is limited to 25.

Please RSVP with shane {at} secondstory {dot} com

PowerFlasher, the makers of FDT, have generously donated a copy of FDT Pure edition for a raffle, and will send discount codes to anyone who provides an e-mail address for the raffle.

(Don’t know what FDT is? In short, FDT is a professional code editor for ActionScript. More info on FDT at http://www.fdt.powerflasher.com. )

Flash on the Beach 09 / Day 0 / iPhone Development Workshop


After spending a few days pre-conference in London, I've arrived in Brighton for Flash on the Beach 2009 and the first day of workshops. I chose to attend the iPhone App Development For Flash Developers workshop taught by Julian Dolce today.

While I certainly didn't grow any fonder of Objective-C today, I did learn quite a lot. During the eight hour session we covered a pretty wide range of topics and tasks. First Julian gave us a few hour Objective-C overview before we all took the virtual pet example from Colin Moock's Essential ActionScript 3.0 book and coverted it to Objective-C. This was a great task since everyone in the room knew AS3 and was more than likely familiar with the virtual pet example.

After a break for lunch we all jumped into some quick equivalents of ActionScript 3 code in Objective-C, and then used those examples to build a sample application with some animated images, touch events (taps and dragging), audio. Lastly Julian gave an overview of Interface Builder and then went over some general tips and tricks.

Julian will be posting his slides, sample code and some recommended additional reading on the page he setup on his website: http://deleteaso.com/iphone-workshop/

Hopefully I'll find a way to learn to like Objective-C as much as I do AS3 since developing for the iPhone, as I learned today, can certainly be a fun experience.

Thanks, Julian!

Flash on the Beach’s 3 Minute Wonders

Flash on the Beach - Brighton - 2009

I'm excited to be heading over to Brighton, UK once again this year to attend Flash on the Beach 2009. Besides all of the wonderful speakers and catching up with everyone, I'm equally excited for a new addition this year: The Elevator Pitch.

The conference website describes it as "...exactly what the title suggests - 20 'newbies' / 'oldies' / whatever you want to call them, get 3 minutes to show their best work, a new idea, live coding, live drawing, whatever."

This is great for two reasons. First, for the past two years the most well attended sessions were the 'filler' sessions where several speakers got up and free-formed it for five minutes each to fill an hour long session left blank by a speaker who had to cancel last minute. This always leads to exciting presentations about small projects these guys are working on, rather than some topic that takes an hour to present. Second, one of my favorite events in Portland is Ignite, where presenters have only 20 slides that automatically rotate every 15 seconds to get their point across. When you are forced to distill a topic down to only a couple of key points, it often ends up being a much better presentation.

I also think it is great to be giving some up-and-coming talent a chance to speak. Most people (myself included) find it difficult to put together a presentation on a topic that would fill a whole hour. You either end up having way too much content or way too little content. And the prep time pre-conference can be a time consuming nightmare. But if you only need to prep for a three minute talk, there are no excuses.

You can see a full list of the topics that will be covered by Flash on the Beach's 3 Minute Wonders at the conference website, but I'm really looking forward to topics such as "I can't draw, but I can program", "ActionScript to Objective-C (and everything in between)" and "Beta, my arse!".

Cut&Paste Portland Tonight!


Over the years, Stumptown’s become a central haven for independent thinkers with a quirk and a twist, producing some of the most darkly observant and refreshingly honest talents of our time.

That is what the Cut&Paste website says about Portland. And while I'd have to concur, tonight's competition will certainly be telling.

If you are unfamiliar with Cut&Paste, it is a digital design tournament taking place in 16 cities this year ending with a global championship in New York City. New this year are 3D and Motion competitions, in addition to the legacy 2D competition.

I kicked myself for not attending last year, especially once Tim May, the winner of last year's 2D competition joined us at XPLANE as Senior Interactive Designer.

If you can't make it to the competition tonight, you can watch the live webcast on the Cut and Paste website.

Yes indeed, "this nook in the Northwest, the City of Roses, is the new bohemia." Looking forward to seeing it tonight.

Flash on the Beach Miami Cancelled

I thought I would post a quick note here since I mention Flash on the Beach often -- it was announced today that Flash on the Beach Miami will be cancelled this year. An email sent out to those who had purchased passes included the following statement:

It is with huge regret that we have taken the decision to cancel FOTB Miami. Our intention was to bring FOTB with its awesome speaker line up, fantastic networking opportunities and of course terrific FOTB vibe to the USA, but low registration numbers have meant that we would not be able to deliver the high calibre event that Flash on the Beach has become well known for.

Looks like even conferences are having problems with the down economy, which in reality, makes sense. I was excited about the conference coming to the States, so I am obviously disappointed to hear the news.

One thing did pick up my spirits a bit, however: John Davey decided to not only refund everyone's registration fees, but also provided a free pass to FOTB Brighton 2009.

Looks like I will be going to Brighton this year, after all!

FOTB Miami passes only $99 for the next 48 hours


For the next 48 hours you can get a full three day conference pass for Flash On The Beach Miami for only $99 (as opposed to the regular cost of $359)!

When you purchase your ticket use promo code RSKNUTS1 and you'll get the discounted price. I bought my tickets at the "super early bird" discounted price and paid more than this - so $99 is truly a great deal.

Note that this promotion only lasts 48 hours and is ending at midnight PST on Wednesday 14th January.

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