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Liquid Components Released Open Source

This week Didier Brun released his Liquid Components set, which I have previously blogged about, as open source. The component set is written in AS3, and provides a simple alternative to those provided by Adobe with Flash CS3, in a similar vein as Keith Peter's MinimalComps.

Flash CS3 Alternative Component Set: Liquid Components


Didier Brun of ByteArray.org fame has released a free set of Flash CS3/AS3 UI components, offered as an alternative to those provided by Adobe.

I was never a big fan of the AS2 components provided with Flash MX2004 and 8, and when in a bind I would often find myself using Keith Peter's Bit Component set as a replacement. Over time I found myself using them almost exclusively. Now if the same scenario plays out with the AS3/CS3 components, there appears to be a great replacement.

Check out the blog post to see all the features of the component set.

SWX Contest Announced

Aral Balkan has just announced swxformat.org/contest which seems like a great way to spread the word about SWX and get more developers trying out the new project.

The competition has three categories: Web, Mobile, and API, and each of the three winners will receive a prize package worth almost $4,000. Not a shabby deal at all. The prize packages include a copy of Adobe CS 3 Web Premium Bundle, a one year premium subscription to Lynda.com, a Nabaztag/tag wi-fi bunny, and an iPod Touch. I have a Nabaztag/tag, and winning one of these alone is worth a few hours of work!

If you have been following the SWX project at all, you already know that I have used SWX on a couple of projects and that I am a huge fan of its simplicity. It just works, and it makes your life as a developer easier. What's not to like? This contest is the perfect way to give it a shot and possibily win some cool stuff.

More details on the contest can be found on the SWX site.

Creating ActionScript 3.0 components in Flash

There has been a lot of talk about the revamped Adobe Developer Connection released late last week, and it has been getting great reviews. I feel the best article up there at the moment is one titled "Creating ActionScript 3.0 components in Flash" by Jeff Kamerer of Adobe.

Robert Penner had blogged about this article which is how I found out about it, otherwise you'll have to dig around the new ADC quite a bit to locate it. I highly suggest you check it out, as it is a great way to get your feet wet in developing custom components. Thanks to Jeff for taking the time to put such an extensive write-up together for the community.

on AIR Bus Tour – Portland Style

on AIR BrandingFirst off, a huge thanks to the team at Adobe for throwing such an awesome event last night. They didn't miss a beat while making sure everyone enjoyed themselves and learned as much as possible during the one evening AIR camp.

Great free beer, check. Great free food, check. Great swag, check. Great sessions, check. Great people, check.

The sessions were well done, especially for those who have not been following Apollo/AIR very closely. As a developer, I particularly enjoyed the sessions with live coding where the power of AIR was shown in very few lines of code (usually 20 or so).

Some of the juiciest news coming from the evening, however, was release dates. Mike Downey noted during his keynote that at MAX in Chicago, Adobe would be announcing and releasing the AIR Derby winners, the AIR Extension for Flash (Publish to AIR), Livecycle (Flex Data Services), and the Coldfusion 8 release build. So lots to look forward to in the coming months.

As a Flash developer, I had not played around with the Dreamweaver CS3 AIR Extension, so it was also great to see that in use through demonstrations of building an AIR app with only HTML and JavaScript. Oh, and being able to access the Flash API classes through JavaScript is killer.

I _highly_ suggest you check out the tour when it comes to a city near you this summer. It will benefit not only Flash and Flex developers, but also HTML and JavaScript web developers. With the effort Adobe is putting into AIR through promoting and training, it is sure to be something you'll want to keep an eye on.

Photos can be found here on Flickr -- I'm even in a few of them (few rows back, light blue solid color dress shirt)!

Kuler Panel for Flash CS3

kuler Panel for Flash CS3Ben Pritchard of the Pittsburgh Flash Users Group recently posted a cool add-in: Kuler Panel for Flash CS3. The extension adds a new panel to Flash which interfaces with Adobe's Kuler, allowing you to browse the color combinations from within Flash CS3. The best part, though, is that selecting a color scheme creates a layer with that scheme's name and then puts that scheme's swatches on the new layer. This makes using the schemes trivial, and is a great addition to the tool.

For more information, check out Ben's post on the panel, or download it here.

[Updated to reflect updated version of the panel, released June 7th, 2007]

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