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Cut&Paste Portland Tonight!


Over the years, Stumptown’s become a central haven for independent thinkers with a quirk and a twist, producing some of the most darkly observant and refreshingly honest talents of our time.

That is what the Cut&Paste website says about Portland. And while I'd have to concur, tonight's competition will certainly be telling.

If you are unfamiliar with Cut&Paste, it is a digital design tournament taking place in 16 cities this year ending with a global championship in New York City. New this year are 3D and Motion competitions, in addition to the legacy 2D competition.

I kicked myself for not attending last year, especially once Tim May, the winner of last year's 2D competition joined us at XPLANE as Senior Interactive Designer.

If you can't make it to the competition tonight, you can watch the live webcast on the Cut and Paste website.

Yes indeed, "this nook in the Northwest, the City of Roses, is the new bohemia." Looking forward to seeing it tonight.

Portfolio: XPLANE Corporate Website


XPLANE Corporate Website




XPLANE is an information design consultancy that drives better results for many of the world’s leading corporations including Microsoft, Intel, Nokia, U.S. Department of National Intelligence, U.S. Marines, Nike and BP through visual thinking and design.

Working with the internal marketing and design teams at XPLANE, the entire website was built on the WordPress platform utilizing a custom developed theme to match XPLANE's branding. Content highlights include project case studies, company news, and an online store.


The internal marketing team handles all day-to-day updates utilizing the content management features of WordPress, allowing them to eaisly add, edit and remove all content on the website. Since the site launch XPLANE has also seen significant increase in search engine optimization (SEO) and daily unique page views.

The site is listed in the WordPress Showcase, an honor since only a relatively small number of submissions are added to the showcase.

The XPLANE e-store:


Case studies:


Company news:


To see the full site, visit http://www.xplane.com.

A Website Named Desire

Those who know me and/or read this blog know I'm a fairly large Flash platform fanboy. So it may come as a surprise I am blogging about a project recently completed here at XPLANE's Portland studio for Microsoft and their new suite of interactive production tools -- which includes Silverlight.

The project is called "A Website Named Desire" and we at XPLANE created a poster (note: not the related website built in Silverlight) of the entire process a typical agency would go through to create a large website. While the poster does not directly mention the Microsoft suite of tools, it does do an amazing job of showing the whole ecosystem in an engaging, visual storytelling manner. Fairly humorous, too -- be sure to spend some time checking out all the various little details.

If you'd like to check out the whole poster, you can download a PDF of it (6 MB) here, or visit Microsoft at one of the upcoming conferences where they will be presenting it. You can find a list of those conferences on the supporting website.

Project management positions at XPLANE

XPLANE logoXPLANE is continuing to grow, and we're looking for Project Managers for the Portland and Atlanta offices. You can find job descriptions for both of these positions at http://www.xplane.com/#/careers/.

In Madrid with XPLANE then Brighton for Flash on the Beach

Title pretty much says it all, but I'm in Madrid, Spain working with the XPLANE Madrid office for a few days before heading over to Brighton, UK for Flash on the Beach. I then come back to Madrid for a couple of additional days of work (...and Spanish wine and tapas) before heading back home to Portland.

If you plan on attending Flash on the Beach, shoot me an email (info [at] jonnymac [dot] com) and we'll meet up for a drink.


Did You Know 2.0 Video Presentation Released

Today, after a few months of Flash and video editing, custom sound design, and a lot of fact checking, we have released "Did You Know 2.0" to YouTube and Google Video.

I had previously posted about working with Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod on this project at XPLANE, and I'm very excited about the new version. In fact, Scott has already previewed the video at several large lectures to rave reviews.

As this video is meant to be a launching point for more discussions on the topics within, I suggest you visit http://shifthappens.wikispaces.com and join the conversation. Scott McLeod has posted more information on his blog, Karl Fisch has his thoughts on his blog, and Dave Gray (founder of XPLANE) is also looking for feedback on his blog.

[Update: After the first two days the video has already been viewed over 5000 times!]
[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/pMcfrLYDm2U" height="350" width="425" /]

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