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This page contains code I have developed or modified and used extensively over the past few years while working on various projects.

All code is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License and as such is open source, available for commercial usage, and may be modified provided you share your modifications. Some of this code has roots in other implementations which can be found elsewhere on the Internet. I tried to note where this was the case.

Creative Commons License

ActionScript 2.0
All of the following classes require you publish for at least Flash Player 8 to function correctly, except where noted.

+ Class: SmoothImageLoader
Smooths loaded images so when scaled or rotated, they do not become jaggy.

+ Class: RegExp
An implementation of Regular Expressions for AS2. Original implementation from Joey Lott can be downloaded here, and an implementation for Flash 5/MX can be downloaded here. (Flash Player 7, 8)

+ Class: Tooltip
Creates a tooltip using a movieclip from your library and the font of your choice. Easy to customize the look and feel to match your project.

+ Class: BadFilter
Searches text for inappropriate words of your choosing returning true if text is clean, with a default word list included that is suitable for most implementations. (Flash Player 7, 8)

The following classes require PHP 5 or greater unless noted. Some classes may also be used with SWX as an API for Flash Remoting calls.

+ Class: ConstantContact
Enables you to easily interact with the Constant Contact API and subscribe/unsubscribe members. Updated to include new API information from Constant Contact. (PHP 4, PHP 5, SWX)

+ Class: SubmitVerisignPayment
Enables interaction with Versign/PayPal Payment Gateway. (PHP 5, SWX)

jonnymac blog » Gal to Gal Walk Site Wins SWX Contest said,

December 25, 2007 @ 1:07 pm

[…] (if not the) first large-scale site completed using SWX, won the website category. In addition, the Verisign Payment API service which was written for use on the Gal to Gal Walk site and enables interaction with the […]

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